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What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The restoration of the form and function of the masticatory apparatus (jaws, teeth with their supporting structures, temporomandibular joint, muscles of mastication, tongue, lips, cheeks, and oral mucosa, i.e. everything in your mouth) to as near normal as possible

Who needs Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Patients who deal with chronic stress and strain caused by malfunction or misaligned parts of the oral mechanism

Why is Full Mouth Rehabilitation important for your health?

Our objective in full mouth rehabilitation is to minimize the stress, strain and identify any potential risks to your overall health.

Simply put, a patient is either motivated by actual pain or scared of potential pain, and the dentist just focuses exclusively on that area. Since the major focus is pain-driven, the entire issue of addressing the underlying cause is conveniently forgotten as soon as the emergency is resolved. If not fully investigated, this could be just a temporary fix and any signs or symptoms of other problems may be overlooked.

A careful dentist needs active co-operation from the patient to better treatment planning!

For example…

1. Severe chronic migraines – patient visits their physician several times in a year for treatment

2. Medicinal treatment for migraines may be insufficient if the migraine is triggered by Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) or the neglected dimple or pimple (usually painless or self-diagnosed as pizza burn) could develop into a cancerous growth due to an ill-fitting denture or crown

3. Bite closure, the most common scenario (due to ageing dentition – often neglected and misunderstood by the patients) tends to go untreated due to extended treatment plan. Poor management of bite closure could lead to drooping saliva, soreness, chewing inefficiency, sleep apnea

4. Pain from a particular tooth has resulted in incorrect tooth extraction due to referred pain mistakenly identifying the wrong tooth. All affected teeth on that side could be treated through Full Mouth Rehabilitation for better, longer lasting results rather than just that one tooth

The mouth should be regarded as a well-balanced chewing apparatus where precise functioning of individual teeth is imperative in conjunction with supporting healthy soft tissue and muscles. Isolated teeth treatment in an emergency is an option that often times cannot resolve Total Mouth Rehabilitation needs.

Find out if full mouth rehabilitation is right for you and get started with a treatment plan by scheduling an appointment today!

Content source: animated-teeth.com

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