Our Mission

Why Choose A-One Dental Care?

At A-One Dental, we strive to be different.. actually W A Y different than so many Other dentists out there! We like to keep things simple and maintain a very informal profile. In this world of super complex everything, you will find our philosophies and treatment methods to be easily understood and yet effective. We are committed to cater to a dental patients needs. We provide the best available treatment option for each patients case. We are always happy to serve the needs of a patient who doesnt just want compromise, but wants the best! Our goal for over 30 years has been to provide top quality dental treatment at affordable charges.Vibrant Smile! We pride ourselves on providing dental care taking each patients individual needs and comfort as a No. 1 priority. We may OPT to not accept your insurance Network rules- but we can still help you out with the same quality care and discounts where applicable- Remember, if insurance deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Welcome to our smile studio

Our Team

Good dental treatment at affordable rate has been our mission for last 30 years we have been in practice. We are committed to cater to an average dental patients needs and try to work with the best available treatment option for his/her case. We help you qualify for no interest loans to make things easier on your pocket book and sometimes even bear the financing cost as our token of appreciation! We make it our business to make you smile healthy! IT ALL BEGINS WITH THAT WINNING SM State: IL E? Let us designs VIBRANT SMILE JUST FOR YOU! Remember, SUCCESS begins with THAT winning smile An Unfair competition to those do did not make a wish!May we design VibrantSmile JUST for you? May we design VibrantSmile JUST for you?

Our Facility:

We strive to win your confidence through friendly and very informal professional ??environment! waiting for mommy - Advanced Treatment Options - Free Consultation - Every Treatment Under One Roof - Late Night Appointments and Saturdays - Convenient Location - Comfortable Surroundings - Unlimited Free Wi-Fi - A Fantastic Team

Our Staff

Utpal Munshi

Treatment co-ordinator/Manager

Anna Torres

Receptionist/Dental Assistant

Rosie Garcia

Receptionist/Dental Assistant

Noe Gallardo

Receptionist/Dental Assistant


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